Battery References

This page consists of UPS battery wiring diagrams and battery cartridge installation guides.

APC Battery RBC to UPS Model Chart v2.pdfAPC RBC152 - SRT96BP Battery Pack.pdfAPC RBC8 - SU1400RMNET Battery Pack Wiring Instructions.pdfAPC Wiring Instruction BR1500G _No Stickers_.pdfCyberPower OR1500PFCRT2U Battery Wiring Diagram.pdfEaton 120V Battery Pack.pdfEaton EBM 5PX72VRT2U Battery Diagram.pdfEmerson Liebert GXT3-48VBATT.pdfHP R1500 G2 Battery Pack.pdfLiebert GXT2-144BATKIT Battery Pack.pdfMinuteman Endeavor ED1000RM2U Battery Pack.pdfTripp Lite 240V Battery Pack BP240V10RT3U.pdfTripp Lite 240V bp.pdfTripp-Lite 240V Battery Pack BP240V10RT3U.pdfTripp-Lite 48V Battery Pack BP48V60RT-3U.pdf